About Us : Who are vegetable plants direct and what are we about?

 So who are we?
Well we are a small independent business based near Sandford in North Somerset
The company run by Keith and Sarah was established in 2003 selling wholesale plants in Scotland before making the big move to the South West in July 2007 when the business changed to concentrate on mail order veg plants about a year before the whole country went grow your own crazy (now there was inspired move)

Keith has been in the nursery business since 2003 after stints as a cowman and a nursing assistant but has been growing veg since the age of five his experience includes running a small nursery of his own until a marriage break up forced the closure of that venture and that led to him running a five acre production nursery growing just about every kind of plant imaginable for the companies three garden centres (including 50,000 poinsettias from un-rooted cuttings in the scorching summer of 2003) which is where he gained the vast majority of his experience and knowledge,from there he had a short spell managing two production nurseries in Evesham Worcestershire before a six month spell as production manager at Pentland Plants in Edinburgh after which Keith and Sarah teamed up to start their own venture.

Sarah has always loved growing her own veg and has learnt a lot as the business has progressed as well as being responsible for developing how we pack and parcel the plants to send out she has also come up with many of the ideas for the vast range of packs we do as well as doing much of the sowing, pricking out and packing.

And somehow we manage to do all this around three kids of 15, 13 and 3!

You may wonder why an earth we have so many varieties, Well that is the point I wanted us to be very different I wanted to give old growers some where to buy the old varieties they used to grow as well as something for the new growers and more reliable F1 varieties so we went for as wide a choice as possible so we have something of everything heritage varieties, organic varieties and modern F1 varieties. It does cause a bit of a nightmare at times but I love it and its what makes us different.


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