Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery Times : Delivery will be made as soon as possible within the time slot selected However at busy periods of the season delays will be inevitable and unless pre-arranged BEFORE ordering delivery will not be within a week and may take two to three weeks when were really busy

Are you a large Company : No we started off as a small family Business now the veg is grown and dispatched on my behalf by a small community farm based in the heart of Bristol run by Sarah and Jess with a small team made up of full and part time staff and volunteers with me overseeing it.

How are your plants grown : They are grown in plug trays in organic compost all brassicas etc are single sown most other things are multiple sown with several per plug larger plants such as courgettes etc, tomatoes, peppers, aubergines etc are grown in pots

How are your plants packed : The plants are wrapped in paper and packed between layers of straw. So all our packaging can be recycled

How are you plants sent : At the current time most orders are sent by Courier (UKmail) with some smaller items sent by Royal Mail

When is my payment taken : The payment is taken at the time you order this is out of our control as it is how create have set their payment systems up on their websites if we are unable to process your order for any reason you will be given a full refund