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  1. Veg Deliveries update the girls have now started sending veg orders out they had to start with mixed packs due to the amount of availability But much more will be ready next week so they will start making good progress with other orders then If your orders contain beans, squash,courgettes,Cucumbers,Sweet Corn etc these items are tender and its a bit early yet and were still getting frosts these items are now being sown and we will send them out as soon as ready Some of the items were available to order before they were supposed to be as i made an error updating the delivery slots sorry

  2. stonking great hole made in the order pile by me and Jo yesterday and today, Yesterday 38 orders done, Today 31 orders done !! we are now down to about two weeks worth i reckon so if you haven't got yours yet its on its way shortly.

    Unfortunately I cant do any more this week as I have a hospital Appointment tomorrow But rest assured we will back on it on Monday and will get as many of the remainder done as we can next week.

    I have been held up slightly on some due to the lack of local supply of Onion sets and Garlic But i have managed to source more and these will be here tomorrow or Thursday ready to crack on next week.

    I am also very short on Peas at the moment due to poor germination combined with rodent damage But have more seed arriving tomorrow so rather than hold orders up i will put them as too follows and send out as soon as ready, The same with Rainbow chard Demand has been out stripping supply and the next batch isn't ready so may do them as too follows too.

  3. Please note the March/April Veg orders are running slightly behind schedule although we have the best growing space we have had for a few years i am still limited how much heat i can use so that had a bearing on how much sowing i could do and when

    I also had to get the first Tomatoes going as well,

    I did do a couple of orders this week and i should be able to do more next week. Sarah will be back from Scotland the week after so we will be able to start in earnest then To be honest there aren't as many March/April orders as we usually have so they will come out very quick once stuff is ready. Its mainly packs which are easy to do.

    The weather is still pretty cold and changeable at the moment so im not in any great rush to send plants out. It needs to get a bit warmer.

  4. SumOfUs has launched an appeal for donations to take action against Bayer who are paying scientists to produce fake evidence that its products aren't killing bees

    Bayer is throwing all of its profits into creating fake “science” that claims its products aren’t killing the bees.

    The global die-off of bees represents an enormous danger to the planet. 30% of our crops -- and 90% of wild plants -- rely on bees to thrive. Without bees, our entire global food supply is in serious trouble. We’ve made a lot of progress but now Bayer has a devious plan to undo all our work.

    Bayer’s PR machine is shameless like no other. For the last two years, it has hosted the “Bayer Bee Care Tour” supposedly to “further understanding of the important role honey bees play in our food supply”. In reality, these tours are massive platforms Bayer uses to blame “multiple” pesticides for the death of the bees and to delegitimize widely held and proven scientific claims that neonicotinoids are responsible for killing the bees.

    Bayer has also just launched a new magazine, BeeNow, which apparently contains facts and stories about how it is taking care of bee health. We have to fight back against these fabrications and hold Bayer to account for its misdeeds.


    Read More and please donate if you can here